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Posted by Max Grinnell, guest blogger of The Urbanologist

The warm breezes of spring have yet to arrive, but there is great ardor and closeness to be found while exploring a few of these sites with a favorite companion. You can gaze out along Boston Harbor on a winter day, make figure-eights in Cambridge, and take in one of the Hub’s signature treats: the Boston Cream pie.
A Warm Embrace Atop the Marriott Custom House
For an overall incredible experience and view in Boston, take the elevator to the top of the Marriott’s Custom House — it’s a great way to watch planes take off and land at Logan, or just to look down at Quincy Market, the North End, and over at Long Wharf.
Some visitors have even left behind their own affections, as one small inscription reads “EC + KMG=Love.” The cost is a mere $3, and the experience is available everyday at 2 PM, except Friday. Also, visitors are welcome to stop by between 6 and 7 PM to have a cocktail; the cost is $15, and it’s also offered everyday except Friday.

A Most Celebrated Boston Cream Pie
Sitting squarely at the corner of School and Tremont Streets, the Omni Parker House is a venerable Boston institution and hotel, as it’s home to the celebrated Boston cream pie, which was created by Chef M. Sanzian in 1856. Perhaps, it would be more accurate to describe this fine custard-filled delicacy as a cake, but this is a small quibble. Slide on over to one of the large couches at the Hotel’s famed whiskey bar, The Last Hurrah, and order up one of these delectable deserts to share with someone special.

Boston Cream Pie by marc.flores, flickr

A Temple Of Indian Cuisine
Everyone will be looking for the white-tablecloth style of dining on Valentine’s Day. Needless to say, reservations can be hard to get, and some can be quite pricey.

Dosa and Curry credit Facebook

For something a little unique, check out the Dosa and Curry in Somerville for some authentic Indian cuisine. You can bring your own flowers, dress up the place, and take in delicacies like paneer pakora, deluxe curries, and a fine mix of desserts — it’s a nice twist on the traditional Valentine’s Day!
Max Grinnell is a writer based in Cambridge, MA, who writes about cities, public art, geography, travel, and anything else that strikes his fancy. His writings can be found online at and he tweets over @theurbanologist.
Painting by Ally Stack.

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