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Think of the places that make your town feel like home. Chances are, a local shop or restaurant came to mind. The truth is, many of those local businesses are hurting right now. But they’re still standing strong, doing their best to keep us safe. Our Main Streets need our love, more than ever. Now is the time to find your local.





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Autumn in Massachusetts

Even if you’re not comfortable calling yourself a leaf peeper, you won’t want to miss the glorious fall foliage in Massachusetts.

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August 26, 2020 commemorates the 100th Anniversary of the signing of the 19th Amendment granting women the right to vote. This historic anniversary of suffrage is the perfect time to celebrate our Massachusetts Foremothers, more than 70 amazing women whose contributions to the Commonwealth, the nation and the world are unparalleled and who are recognized as “Trailblazers” in their fields. Learn about the stories of these remarkable women and their ties to Massachusetts, The Woman Suffrage Movement, commemorative sculptures and statues at the  Massachusetts State House, the significance of the Sunflower,  The Colors of Suffrage and much more!


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September 15, 2020

7 Corn Mazes to Explore This Fall

With everything going on, now seems like a perfect time to lose yourself in a corn maze.  It’s a great way to refocus your thoughts and escape for a few hours. From the Berkshires to southeastern MA, it’s only a short drive to one of these great mazes. C&C Reading Farm Things will be a…

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Travel resources can point you in the right direction or give guidance on the major “must-see” sites, but if you want to truly experience the state of wonder and all of its best-kept secrets, there’s no better source than a local. That’s why we asked a few to share their favorite experiences.