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As this is April school vacation week, if there is one family fun activity that you should try to experience, it might just be the Fenway Park Open House.
On Thursday, April 19th, from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM, the historical gates of Fenway Park will open to the public in celebration of Fenway Park’s 100th Anniversary; literally, all of the gates will be open, and you can walk through free of charge!
Think about it; aside from a Fenway tour, when else will you get to walk the warning track, peek inside the Green Monster scoreboard, and visit numerous other spaces within the ballpark that aren’t normally available or accessible to fans?
The beauty of it, too, is that you can walk at your own pace. This is your chance to leisurely explore all that Fenway has to offer – taking in the aura one step at a time.
Specifically, check out the newly created, “Fenway Park: A Living Museum” path that tells the story of the ballpark with interactive displays and historical markers, which will denote historic home runs, events, and areas within the park.
Displays of artifacts include:

  • Fenway and the Greatest Generation: exploring the active participation of Red Sox players in the military
  • “Live at Fenway” & “Filmed at Fenway:” exploring the concerts and films that have been shot within the parks confines

Unique experiences include:

  • A display of the clubhouse that features the mud that’s rubbed on the baseballs, pine tar, rosin bag, and other day-to-day Red Sox game features that fans generally don’t get to see up-close
  • A grounds crew presentation that explores the type of grass, fertilizing, and maintenance of keeping Fenway’s landscape in tiptop shape
  • A display of old programs, tickets, chairs, and other historic artifacts
  • The opportunity to meet and greet with Red Sox legends for photos and autographs

Whether you’re a Fenway expert or a newbie, the 100th Anniversary Open House celebration is an experience that should be on everyone’s list. And, if you can’t make it out for the 19th, but you’re looking to celebrate Fenway’s 100th in the near future, check out these hotel packages.
Happy Birthday, Fenway Park! Let’s go Red Sox!

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