Familiarization (FAM) Tours

MOTT’s public relations program aims to promote the state as a premier leisure destination, rich in culture and diversity. The majority of the program’s focus is on media relations, gaining valuable third-party endorsements from respected travel press, and in turn, influencing consumer behavior. As a result of MOTT’s public relations efforts, Massachusetts has enjoyed positive coverage in national and international publications. One way our team secures coverage is by organizing Familiarization tours (commonly called FAM tours). Our domestic and international teams work hard to match journalists’ interest with lodgings, attractions, events, restuarants and industry related programs that are uniquely found in the Commonwealth. If your organization is interested in providing services, complimentary or at a reduced media rate to journalists visiting Massachusetts, or if you’re interested in learning how a FAM Tour works, please contact Shannon Healey (Domestic FAMS).

Historic Ports

Historic Ports of Massachusetts is a state-sponsored initiative with goals to:

  • Promote the historic and authentic charm of Massachusetts’ seaports emphasizing their potential as extraordinary destinations for cruise ships
  • Highlight the diverse and exciting mix of unique shore excursion opportunities and the region’s capacity to support a variety of themed cruises
  • Ensure that all Massachusetts cruise ports consistently offer the highest quality personal services, state-of-the-art facilities, and a safe, clean and friendly environment for cruise ship passengers
  • Facilitate efforts of Massachusetts ports to work cooperatively to support cruise ship operations including product sourcing, ship repairs, safety and security
  • Work with cruise lines to offer on-board performances, videos and other materials that will help prepare cruise passengers for incredible shore-side experiences and provide “theme” continuity between ports

Participating ports: Gloucester, “America’s Oldest Seaport”; Salem, “Bewitching Seaport”; Boston,“Cradle of Modern America”; Provincetown, “Where It All Began”; Plymouth, “America’s Home Town”; Fall River, “Mystery, History & the Sea”; New Bedford, “The Whaling City”; Martha’s Vineyard, “Inspiring Artists for Centuries”; Nantucket, “Island Home of Sea Captains”.


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender(LGBT) Marketing

MOTT has initiated new programs to reach out to the LGBT market, and is the first State in the country to join the Gay and Lesbian Visitors Convention Bureau. MOTT has recently contracted with GCI, Inc. to assist in the implementation of a marketing and PR programs directly geared to the LGBT market. We now have a dedicated microsite www.massvacation.com/rainbow which is dedicated to providing information to the LGBT community and families and lists programs and events across the state. According to Community Marketing, Inc, a San Francisco based organization, Boston is ranked as one of the top 10 destinations for LGBT leisure and vacation travelers according to a recent survey (2/09). In addition, Community Marketing lists the LGBT travel market as a 70 billion dollar business. Massachusetts embraces all visitors and has a lot to offer everyone. It is an open and welcoming environment for the LGBT community who visit here. To learn more about marketing to the LGBT community visit the LGBT Site.

International Marketing

MOTT works to market and promote Massachusetts as a premier travel destination in primary international markets Canada, United Kingdom, and Germany and in secondary markets Ireland, Japan, France & Italy. MOTT contracts with destination marketing agencies in its eight primary and secondary markets to implement comprehensive promotional programs. Activities include travel trade outreach, international travel trade and consumer shows, destination training programs, cooperative marketing with in-market travel partners, FAM tours, media relations, and consumer promotions.

Group Tour

MOTT markets Massachusetts as a group tour travel destination through active participation in all the major group tour marketplaces – American Bus Association, National Tour Association, Student and Youth Traveler Association, and Ontario Motor Coach Association.

Visit our Group Tour Page for more information.

50 Under $50

MOTT seeks out tourist related events, attractions, and deals in the hospitality industry that costs $50 or under for a family of four. If you would like to include your property, attraction or event in this program please contact Phyllis Cahaly.

Visit our 50 Under $50 Page for more information.

Governor’s Conference on Travel & Tourism

The Governor’s Conference on Travel & Tourism is an annual event for the tourism industry in Massachusetts.


A statewide marketing program to integrate a wide range of jazz festivals, performances, hotel and club venues, and educational facilities into a cohesive campaign. Jazz fest will integrate the jazz community into the state’s tourism program and create a new marketing tool that further brands Massachusetts as an alluring place to visit. If you have any of these events that are taking place in your community, please contact Michael Quinlin (617) 973-8503.