Through engaging experiences with history, Plimoth Patuxet Museums explores the complex and interwoven stories of English and Indigenous cultures in the 17th century through immersive and experiential outdoor and indoor learning environments. Voted Best History Museum and the Best Historical Site in New England, Plimoth Patuxet includes a reconstructed 1627 Pilgrim Village, where costumed role-players portray the Plymouth colonists (the "Pilgrims") in their daily lives; the Historic Patuxet Homesite where guests learn about the Indigenous heritage of the Northeast from contemporary interpreters who discuss the 17th-century life-ways of a culture that continues to thrive today; Mayflower II, a full-scale reproduction of the tall ship that brought the Pilgrims to Plymouth in 1620, on view in downtown Plymouth; and the Plimoth Grist Mill - a reconstruction of the Plymouth Colonists' original 1636 mill on Town Brook takes a fascinating look at the mill's history and workings.

Located less than an hour's drive south of Boston, and 15 minutes north of Cape Cod, the Museum is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., seven days a week.

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Plimoth Patuxet


137 Warren Ave., Plymouth, MA 02362

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