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Posted by Lysa Miller, guest blogger of Ladybugz Interactive Agency

Frightober is here and has brought with it plenty for you to enjoy in North and Central Massachusetts. These events will get your scare on and keep you busy throughout the month of October!

Zombie Run – October 18th, West Newbury MA
Yes, you can get into shape and be terrified at the same time! Who would have thought?
The Zombie Run, an awesomely terrifying obstacle course through a zombie-infested wasteland just north of Boston, is the place to get fit and have some scary fun. If you thought jogging through the zombie apocalypse was enough of an adventure, try dodging that army of brain-thirsty undead while scrambling through a series of rugged obstacles as well!

You have two choices when you participate in this apocalyptic event: you can either go as a zombie or a human. Zombies get to dress up as flesh eating monsters, and humans are the lucky ones who get chased through this obstacle race.

Zombie run zombie

Photo: If you see her, run the other way

For really extreme Zombie Run participants, there is also Zombie Run Black Ops, which is the same course and event but at night! So for those seeking a scarier, more challenging version of the event, this is for you.

Zombie Run pricing starts at $50, and get your tickets before the day of the event, as the price climbs up to $70 the day of.

This is a great event for families with older kids, college and high school students and groups of adults who like to get in shape and have fun doing it.

Factory of Terror – October, Worcester MA
Have fear, the Factory of Terror is here! Throughout the entire month of October, Thursdays to Sundays, you can experience it for yourself. Located in downtown Worcester, there is plenty of parking and places to eat beforehand.

The Factory offers five different scare attractions as you walk through the large, “abandoned” premises. The attraction themes change from zombies to 3-D bloody nightmares to 4-D creepy clowns. The experience overall will take you about an hour.

Factory of Terror

Photo: One of the Factory’s many friendly hosts

The best way to go through the Factory of Terror is to take your time and try not to rush through the attractions, even if you are scared! Have your picture taken with some of the monsters outside and enjoy the cool night air before you wander in. And as you near the end of the event, be prepared for one final scare surprise! Sorry, no spoilers.

Make sure you buy your Factory of Terror tickets online to save money and avoid lines. This is a great event for families with older kids (over 10), teens, and young adults. Prices range from $14.99 for kids and $20 and up for adults.

The Haunting of Barrett Park – October 17, 18, 24 & 25, Leominster, MA
Terror in the Woods,” Barrett Park’s annual haunted outdoor trail, comes to life every October. Set foot into the dark woods of Barrett Park and dare to enter where ghosts, ghouls and creatures of every kind wait for you with great anticipation.

After the park, see three rings of fear & mayhem, as Wacko the Clown and his circus fiends perform amazing feats of fear, fright, and pure panic! If you fear clowns, be forewarned: the Psycho Circus is a nightmare maze, where Klownz of Terror wait around every corner.

Barrett Park also offers a Children’s Area (open from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.) on the same dates the main attractions are open. Parents can accompany their children for free. Children go through a small trick-or-treat area, do a craft, and can play a game.

Tickets cost $10 and visitors must pay cash or buy online. Admission to the Children’s area is $1. The Haunting of Barrett Park also happens to be a non-profit event that supports children’s organizations in the Leominster area.

Dr Blood

Photo: Dr. Blood, who likely isn’t your first choice for a surgeon

Horror October at the Mendon Drive-In Theater – October, Mendon MA
The Mendon Twin Drive-In will host Horror October all month long, featuring frightening flicks, spooky entertainment, pumpkins galore and tasty seasonal treats.

Movies include classics like the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Psycho, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street and Saw. And for your on-site snacking, the drive-in’s Beer Garden will be transformed into a pumpkin patch lined with fire pits and serving up cider donuts, candy, hard cider and pumpkin-inspired beer selections.

Horror October

Photo: Horror October at the Mendon Drive-In

Characters dressed in costumes from the Halloween Outlet (Worcester) will roam the property, bringing fright and entertainment, while guests are also encouraged to put on their Halloween best to compete in nightly costume contests.

Cost is $25 per car and $5 for over 6 people.

Lysa Miller is a Massachusetts-based writer whose work covers notable local businesses around the state. Follow her on Twitter @LadyBugzInc.