You can see, hear, feel, and sometimes even smell the history throughout Massachusetts. Check out the very rock where the Pilgrims landed, and visit Plimoth Patuxet Museums to see what life was like in the 1600s. Or experience life in the 1830s over at Old Sturbridge Village, one of the country’s oldest and largest living history museums. Walk the Freedom Trail in downtown Boston, where every step tells a story of the American Revolution or listen for the famous “shot heard round the world” on Lexington Green, where the first shots of the Revolutionary War were fired. Sit where the giants of the abolitionist movement sat in the brilliantly restored African American Meeting House. Feel the hull of Old Ironsides, otherwise known as the USS Constitution.

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  • The Crosby Mansion


    Standing tall on a rise of land with sweeping views of Cape Cod bay, the three-story mansion is also a... more

  • The Old Grist Mill and Herring Run


    The Gristmill (c. 1873) uses the falling water of Stony Brook to power its waterwheel. Inside, the miller grinds corn on... more

  • Old Higgins Farm Windmill


    Brewster's Windmill, also known as, Old Higgin's Farm Windmill was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on June 10, 1975 more

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