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The flavor of history: Salem Food Tours drives culinary tourism

Salem Food Tours is a female-owned business in Salem, MA. Below, the team shares some details on their business and the importance of supporting local.

Describe your business in 50 words or less.

Explore delicious, historic Salem, MA with our award-winning Food Tours! Since 2012, Salem Food Tours bring to life Salem’s illustrious spice trade history and thriving culinary and food scene. Great for locals and visitors alike! We run our tours  all year. It makes for a great team outing!

What makes your business unique?

We proudly offer a unique view of historic Salem, MA, bringing to life our cities amazing spice trade history, as well as modern Salem’s thriving food scene.

What does your business look like?

We are a tour company with both online and social media presence. We offer both private and public tours.

Why is it important to support businesses like yours?

We’ll be happily celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2022. We are a micro business, and female-owned. We help support other small local shops and restaurants – and promote them on our tours and on our website and social media platforms. Our battle cry for the past ten years: eat local, shop local, support small business.

Do you want to say anything to your customers or guests?

We look forward to showing you delicious and historic Salem, MA!

How has your business changed or adapted during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We did have to pause on Tours for a few months, happily reopening in the spring of 2021. While we were closed, we promoted our tour partners and made special deliveries.

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