Pure Barre - Swampscott

1016 Paradise Rd
Swampscott, MA 01907

Strengthening body and mind: Pure Barre brings local fitness and motivation  

Pure Barre Swampscott is a women-owned fitness studio located in Swampscott, MA. Below, the team shares some details on their business and the importance of supporting local.

Describe your business:

Pure Barre Swampscott is a boutique fitness studio located at 1016 Paradise Road in Swampscott. Our classes deliver an effective total body barre workout focused on low impact, high-intensity movements that lift, tone, and burn muscles and improve strength. The 50-minute full-body exercise class focuses on small isometric movements to build a strong core and increase flexibility.

What makes your business unique?

We are a women-owned business – a mother and daughter duo! Pure Barre Swampscott offers small group classes with individual instruction. Our clientele is mainly made up of women, ages 20 to 70. We employ five instructors, who all live in and around the North Shore area. Our instructors offer the most effective exercise classes with verbal instructions, physical demonstrations, and hands-on corrections. Classes are taught to upbeat and motivational music. Our instructors are certified by Pure Barre Corporate before they are allowed to teach at our studio. We offer a flexible class schedule, and we are open seven days per week. We offer three different types of Pure Barre classes: Classic, Empower, and Reform.

What does your business look like?

Our Pure Barre classes are offered every day from early morning, mid-morning, mid-day, and early evening as well as weekend mornings. All classes are offered in the studio, and most classes are also available for live streaming. Introductory classes are offered for free three times per week so that new clients can give our workouts a try. Memberships, packs of classes, and single classes are available for purchase. A variety of athleisure wear by popular vendors (Beyond Yoga, Alo, Nux, Spiritual Gangster, to name a few) is sold at our retail boutique, including leggings, workout tops, sports bras, gripping socks, etc.

Why is it important to support businesses like yours?

Our clients have told us that they were not exercising during the pandemic and needed the motivation of our instructors. Our instructors have helped our clients get healthy and achieve their fitness goals. There are many online fitness options available, but so many people want the in-person class experience. Many of our clients have expressed how much Pure Barre has helped them mentally throughout these challenging times. For so many of our clients, Pure Barre is what they have needed to escape from the outside world and relax their minds.

Do you want to say anything to your customers?

Please come check out our studio and take one of our introductory classes! Our intro classes are Thursdays at 6:30 pm, Saturdays at 11 am, and Sundays at 11 am. Bring your bestie to the Barre! You will be introduced to the strong group of women who continue to inspire us daily!

How has your business changed or adapted during the COVID-19 pandemic?

When the pandemic first happened, our studio could only offer livestream and outdoor classes. When we were allowed to open again, we welcomed clients back to the studio with very small class sizes, dividers between every workout station, mask requirements, and escalated cleaning protocols – plus, we continue to offer livestream classes. Now that the CDC mandates have relaxed, we increased our class sizes slightly, require masks for unvaccinated clients, and continue to clean our studio thoroughly.

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