Martha’s Vineyard Sea Salt

280 Takemmy Path
Vineyard Haven, MA 02568

Kissed by the sun: Martha’s Vineyard Sea Salt combines tradition and ingenuity

Martha’s Vineyard Sea Salt is a woman-owned sea salt company located in Vineyard Haven, MA. Below, the owners share some details on their business and the importance of supporting local.

Describe your business

Martha’s Vineyard Sea Salt is sun-dried from the Atlantic Ocean. It is local yet international. It is an expected taste but better. Why? Because Martha’s Vineyard salt has the goodness of the sea, is kissed by the sun, and is free of chemicals that whiten, dry, or flake.

What makes your business unique?

We are a bootstrap startup of a seemingly known food product using a method developed by desperate New England Settlers during the British Blockade about 200 years ago. We use ingenuity and proven methods to produce an honest product.

What does your business look like?

We traditionally sold directly to customers via our website and twice a week at a farmer’s market. Martha’s Vineyard Sea Salt is also on the shelves of over 100 retailers and in the products of Enchanted Chocolates of Martha’s Vineyard, Not Your Sugar Mamas, and used in several fine restaurants.

Why is it important to support businesses like yours?

Small, really small, even tiny businesses like ours, are the lifeblood of the economy and creativity. By supporting us, you support a community of growers, producers, families, and friends who want options and choices.

Do you want to say anything to your customers?

A HUGE thank you to every taster, cook, griller, eater, local, tourist, islander, and washashore. Stay salty; be true to yourselves.

How has your business changed or adapted during the COVID-19 pandemic?

By leaning into our core values and adhering to all government requests (mandatory and suggested), we prevailed. Of course, the post-COVID-19 reality of supply chain issues will bring its own challenges, but we will find our way.

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