Flaky Crust Pies

401 Old Colony Rd
Norton, MA 02766

Baking One-Of-A-Kind Treats: Flaky Crust Pies specializes in sweet and savory baked goods with unique flavors

Flaky Crust Pies is a minority- and women-owned pie shop in Norton, MA. Below, the team shares some details on their business and the importance of supporting local.

Describe your business in 50 words or less.

We are a shop specializing in sweet and savory pies. We have traditional flavors like apple and chicken pot pie and non-traditional flavors like PB&J and chorizo & rice pie. We are always adding new options to our menu!

What makes your business unique?

We are a unique business because we specialize in pie making. When customers come in, they will have many options which you don’t often see in bakeries or restaurants.

What does your business look like?

We offer online ordering but are mainly a takeout location. We bake extras daily for customers that didn’t order ahead and offer dessert pies, savory pies, cookies, whoopie pies, sweet hand pies (or turnovers), savory hand pies, coffee, and other drinks.

Why is it important to support businesses like yours?

From the beginning we wanted to offer our customers high-quality bakery products. It’s a lot of work making everything from scratch but it’s worth it to us! We don’t want this special treat to die out because it’s “old-fashioned” or because of the multiple steps and components. As a small business in a small space, we are somewhat limited, but we do our best to keep a steady flow available to our customers.

Do you want to say anything to your customers or guests?

We so appreciate every person that comes in our door or orders online. It’s hard to explain our excitement when we see online orders come through or when we have a busy sell out day at the shop! We are so grateful for our customers, and we really appreciate when you stop by! We love when you share ideas with us or pie flavors that you want to see.

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