Creative Collective

265 Essex Street
Salem, MA 01970

At the intersection of economic & creative development: Creative Collective boosts local businesses

Creative Collective is located in Salem, MA. Below, the team shares some details on their business and the importance of supporting local.

Describe your business:

The Collective supports the intersection of economic development and the creative workforce through projects, technical assistance, dot-connecting, and advocacy.

What makes your business unique?

We focus on the entrepreneurial spirit and drive of the creative community, small businesses, and thinkers across Essex County.

What does your business look like?

Our business looks different from community to community and from challenge to challenge. One day we will be running markets in Salem in October, and the following, we will be visiting members at their locations. We do not have a traditional brick and mortar, but we support hundreds that do! We also host dozens of off-site events in some of the most unique locations. 

Why is it important to support businesses like yours?

We give a voice to some of the voiceless and support many outside-the-box thinkers who may not have the same opportunities traditional businesses can afford.

Do you want to say anything to your customers?

Dream and work hard. With the right passion and a good product or service, you can create a life doing what you love.

How has your business changed or adapted during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We transitioned from one-off events throughout the year, which made up a large segment of our annual revenue, to more robust digital support, online training for our members, and project-based consulting.

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