So much that is south of Boston is easily in reach within an hour’s drive, for a half-day itinerary that’s sure to please.

As the landing location and subsequent settlement for the Mayflower’s Pilgrims in 1620, Plymouth, just 40 minutes south of Boston, is home to one of the greatest dramas in the founding of America. And, it was here in 1621, where the Pilgrims celebrated what is now known as the first Thanksgiving with their Wampanoag neighbors. Situated about 40 miles south of Boston along Massachusetts’ South Shore, Plymouth unfolds along a scenic harbor of blue waters and picturesque boats.

In Plymouth, “America’s Hometown,” you’ll get a glimpse of Plymouth Rock — and of the Pilgrim way of life at Plimoth Plantation. This bi-cultural living history museum offers a re-created 17th century English Village that includes Colonial interpreters who bring the 17th Century to life, a Native Wampanoag Homesite, Crafts Center and numerous Museum Shops. The reproduction Mayflower II, a full-scale reproduction of the Pilgrims’ original ship is located at State Pier just a stone’s throw from Plymouth Rock, that historic piece of granite thought to be the stepping stone for these courageous settlers into the New World.

On the way back to Boston, you might consider stopping in Brockton at the Fuller Craft Museum, New England’s only museum of contemporary craft. The museum features multi-layered exhibitions that explore craft objects as works of art and works of historical importance. The museum explores the rich heritage of craft in America that reflects our spirit, history and creative spark. The recently opened brand-new café, artKitchen, features seasonally rotating cuisine and décor designed by Ikea.