Begin the day at Lowell National Historical Park where the early story of America’s Industrial Revolution is commemorated in the midst of this lively city. The Park offers visitors an in-depth look into the past that brought the 19th century textile industry to tap the waterpower of the Merrimack River while also revealing cultural connections to the present and visions for the future.

The American Textile History Museum, which is part of the Park, tells America’s story through the art, history, and science of textiles. The museum houses one of the largest collections of its kind in the world. Its collections contain thousands of books, trade catalogs, business records and personal papers, prints and photographs, a growing costume collection, millions of textiles samples and hundreds of machines used in textile manufacture.

The New England Quilt Museum features a collection that includes more 300 antique and contemporary quilts and tops, plus numerous related textile and sewing items, representing the history of American quiltmaking.