Some of Boston’s best experiences are kept hush-hush for a reason. Not everyone knows that wandering down a back alley leads to an industrial-designed craft cocktail bar. Only the most informed Bostonians dine at a speakeasy-style steakhouse tucked away in the back of another bar, or know where to find the secret garden atop a parking garage. Boston is one of the oldest cities in the U.S. with 384 years of history, meaning the city has had plenty of time to develop its stories of secret nooks and crannies.

Uncover all of Boston’s most exclusive spots and best-kept secrets. Discover menus you have to ask the server for under your breath and sell-out supper clubs. Hear about some of the greatest pranks at Harvard University and where to find the best stargazing in town.

Supper in Secret

Dine at Bogie’s Place ~ Boston, MA
You would never be able to find Bogie’s Place from the street because it sits in the back of the bar and restaurant jm Curley. Dining at Bogie’s is like dining at a private party inside a steakhouse. The 20-seat space comes with rules marked by a sign that reads, “Adults Only. Please No Cell Phone Use.”

Sip at Back Bar ~ Somerville, MA
This Somerville cocktail bar is right in middle of popular Union Square, but finding the door can be somewhat of a challenge. If you choose to wander down an alley and happen upon a red door, you have found your way. Once inside, walk to the end of the hallway and through a heavy door to find an industrial space with some of Boston’s best craft cocktails.

Buy a ticket to a Kitchen Kibitz dinner ~ Boston, MA
Kitchen Kibitz is a pop up dining experience and supper club focused on modern Jewish cuisine. For each pop up dinner, Kitchen Kibitz pairs up with a different Boston chef to create new takes on old-world recipes. Tickets sell out quickly to those looking for unique, never repeated dining experiences.

Take your tea at the Boston Public Library ~ Boston, MA
Even some Boston natives do not know about the afternoon tea party in The Boston Public Library every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Choose from a selection of tea sandwiches, scones and petit fours with loose-leaf teas at the Courtyard Restaurant n the McKim building, which overlooks the Italianate courtyard.

Grab a secret slice at A4
Pizza joint A4 attracts hipsters from all corners of Somerville in their search of a wood-fired pie. Some order off the menu and some go for the “secret peetza,” which changes with the chef’s mood, like the recent pie including soppressata, basil and scrambled eggs. Secret pizzas are also available at A4’s big sister restaurant, Area Four, when the chef is on duty.

Stumbling Upon Little Known Facts

Take a historical, hysterical tour of Harvard University ~ Cambridge, MA
Discover what you never knew about the Titanic, rebellious pig roasts, pranks played by the Harvard Lampoon and even a secret room inside the Widener Library. A costumed guide will lead the Historical, Hysterical tour of Harvard University divulging captivating, hilarious and even occasionally bizarre stories from nearly 400 years of history.

Wander on a Little Lanes Tour~ Boston, MA
Pedestrian passageways of old Boston are often overlooked, but can be used as modern shortcuts and a peek into the past. Find out how Arch Street and Pi Alley got their names and other little-known historical facts about the winding roads of Boston.

Hidden Treasures

Gaze at the stars at the Museum of Science
Astronomy After Hours offers an evening of staring into the starry, starry night on the Museum of Science rooftop. Between 8:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. every Friday, visit the Gilliland Observatory to view the stars, planets and the Moon. Astronomy After Hours runs seasonally from the first Friday in March to the last Friday before Thanksgiving.

Step into a secret garden in Kendall Square
On another rooftop nearby stands a secret garden housing winding sidewalks, living shrubbery, miniature trees, and picnic tables for afternoon lunches. This garden sits atop 4 Cambridge Center parking garage six stories high.

Gaze at the skyline from Mount Auburn Cemetery ~ Cambridge, MA
There are countless views of the Boston skyline, but some of Hollywood’s top directors and actors deem Mount Auburn Cemetery to be the best lookout spot.
A few blockbusters were filmed in the cemetery include Gone Baby Gone, Edge of Darkness and R.I.P.D. This cemetery was founded in 1831 and also holds distinction as “America’s first garden cemetery.” Many of Boston’s finest historical figures are buried in this cemetery including Clement G. Morgan, the founder of the NAACP, cookbook author Fannie Farmer and over 95,000 more.

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