Did you know?

Fun facts to help you improve your clients’ travel experience. Discover Massachusetts top attractions, cultural experiences, and much more!

(1)    Massachusetts shares its boundaries with Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New York, and New Hampshire.

(2)    The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in Plymouth in 1621. Plymouth is now home to cultural attractions Plimoth Plantation and the Mayflower II.

(3)    When you take a stroll on the Boston Common, you are visiting the nation’s first public park, established in 1634.

(4)    Harvard University, the country’s first college, was founded in Cambridge in 1636. Learn about life at Harvard today by taking a tour of the University.

(5)    The first basketball game was played in Springfield in 1891; Springfield’s Basketball Hall of Fame honors players, coaches, and other major contributors to the sport.

(6)   Lowell is where the American industrial revolution began and America’s first planned industrial city. Today, visitors can visit the American Textile History Museum and the Lowell National Historical Park.

(7)    Rocky Neck is home to one of the oldest continuously-operating art colonies in the United States. Late May to early October is Rocky Neck’s most active season when all the restaurants, galleries and artist studios are open for business.

(8)   Society, authors, and artists, were first drawn to the Berkshires during the Gilded Age. Today, visitors can attend world-class theater, music and dance performances, and visual art exhibits.

(9)   Cape Cod National Seashore stretches over nearly 40 miles (64 km) of Atlantic shoreline. It is located on Cape Cod, principally in the towns of Provincetown, Truro, Wellfleet, and Eastham, but also covers some shoreline in Orleans and Chatham.