Staff List

Keiko Matsudo Orrall, Executive Director, [email protected]
136 Blackstone St., 5th Floor, Boston, MA 02109
Phone: 617-973-8506 •  Fax: 617-973-8525
Phyllis M. Cahaly, CMD, Director of Partnership Marketing
[email protected]; 617-973-8509

Tony D’Agostino, Research Director
[email protected]; 617-973-8512

Daniela De Caro-Heavy, Special Projects Manager
[email protected]; 617-973-8515

Michael Quinlin, Executive Director, Commonwealth Marketing Office
[email protected]; 617-973-8503

Maria Speridakos, Director of International Public Relations
[email protected]; 617-973-8516

Marc Zappulla, Grants Coordinator
[email protected]; 617-973-8517