The Massachusetts Restaurant Association has created a new site, CarryOutMA, to keep consumers connected to their favorite dining establishments.  Support your local restaurants please.

RestaurantLove.com presents StayInTakeOut, a video series documenting what restaurants are doing to adapt, innovate, and give back to their communities. Whether restaurants or cafés, ordering takeout once a week can make the difference. #StayInTakeOut 

Feed your inner foodie in Massachusetts. Whet your appetite with fresh seafood from the Atlantic, like steamed lobster, fried clams, or New England/the-only-acceptable-kind-of clam chowder. Dig into a plate of authentic Italian food in Boston’s North End, try something new in Chinatown, and indulge in a wide array of cuisine considered some of the best in the country. Learn how much better fresh food tastes with farm-to-table food from one of our many farmers’ markets. Still hungry? Check out our various Restaurant Weeks, where all the best restaurants offer special deals, or see if you can walk, talk, and eat on a Boston Pizza Tour or Russian Food Tour. And we hope you saved room for dessert, because Massachusetts is known for both Boston Cream Pie and a preoccupation with perfecting homemade ice cream. Practice makes perfect, and we’ve been practicing for a long, long time.

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