Connecting two abstract forces in New England, we are pleased to feature Massachusetts artist Kate Nelson and Rhode Island artist Eveline Luppi , September 3rd- September 16th, in our continuing season series "Coming Out, 2021".

Also on display will be work by Suzanne M. Packer, Richard O. Perry, Hollis Fortune, Tom Wilson Jones, John Howard, Georgene Riedl, Alla Zbinovsky, Leslie Kramer, Ellen C. Davies,and Sally S. Fine in the the other gallery rooms.

Weather permitting, please join us at our outdoor opening reception for Kate Nelson and Eveline Luppi on Saturday, September 4th at "Meet The Artists" 5 pm-7 pm. Refreshments will be served outsidein the front garden. Social distancing and masks will be required inside the gallery. Or, please stop in at the gallery for a Preview of the exhibit, 1 pm-4 pm or anytime 1pm-5pm Wednesday-Monday or by appointment though September 1st to see the exhibit.



Color happens in the moment we're looking at it. It happens in real time. Like music. Like jazz.

Jazz was born in passion, nurtured by musical structure and grown by improvisation. Painting for me is like jazz -- disciplined yet free, spare yet full, within a rich tradition yet achingly personal.

I function with minimal premeditation, like a jazz musician. I work from intuition, from impulse, using physi- cal reflexes honed in hard physical labor and senses sharpened by a life in the outdoors, attuned to the mer- curial temperament of Mother Nature. I work to escape the illusion of linear time; color and gesture trans- port me, the way I'm transported by the crashing surf at the shoreline. They have for me the same cleansing meditative power.


Painter Kate Nelson is drawn to and moved by the outdoor life.

She has studied at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst (there influenced by Chuck Close, Keith Hollingworth, and John Grillo), at Massachusetts College of Art, at Haystack Mountain School on Deer Isle, Maine and worked in residence at the Vermont Studio Center. Her work is in the permanent collection of the DeCordova Museum in Lincoln, MA; the Cahoon Museum in Cotuit, MA and in numerous corporate and pri- vate collections, including Sony and Pfizer USA, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, and Cape Cod Healthcare.

Nelson creates her lyrical abstract works in her barn-studio in Brewster on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.


The new Color Field work presented by Eveline Luppi in the Cross Rip Gallery's "Coming Out 2021' is a transition in style from years of painting Geometric Abstraction. It has evolved from feelings for a new sense of freedom in the work during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. It reflects her ability to paint in vastly different ways from highly structured work to a more fluid and spontaneous approach.

Years of exploration with paint have led Eveline Luppi's journey to create work that is technically challenging and visually inspiring to the viewer. Her previous work draws from the tradition of the Russian Constructivist Movement and Dutch Neoplasticism; her vocabulary is based on geometric techniques, where memory and experience are rendered as deeply structured space, full of passionate transitions and juxtapositions. The use of color is central to her work, evoking emotional states and bringing the viewer to a unified perception of the symbolic content.

Luppi was strongly influenced by the Dutch painter Mondrian: she was drawn to his painting Broadway Boogie Woogie with its rhythmic movements, colorful geometric forms, and overall structure. Its great title--referencing a lively dance on an energetic street in the center of Manhattan.

The artist's dynamic is all about structure and form. It relates to architecture and design, drawing from history and from elements of today's multi-media world. Luppi employs the methodology of constructivism, utilizing both hard-edged and soft-edged line-work--sometimes alone, sometimes in tandem--to create works that readily relate to each other while awakening different sensitivities in the viewer. Her work is inspired by universal experiences: childhood, as evident in her colorful structural Treehouse paintings; the deep emotional spirit and psyche explored in the stark black and white Construction/Structure series; the meditative, reflective state evoked by the patterns and rhythms of her monochromatic White Sands Revisited.

Eveline Luppi's work is both highly emotional and emblematic of the complexities of contemporary life. She is committed to self-discovery and makes her personal narrative accessible to the viewer.

Please visit Eveline Luppi in her studio:

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1 pm - 5 pm Fri, Sep 3 - Thu, Sep 16, 2021


Cross Rip Gallery

486 Route 28, Harwich Port, MA 02631


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