In celebration of our 15th year, the Hilltown 6 potters will be returning to their traditional fourth weekend in July as they welcome visitors back to their studios. The popular Hilltown 6 Pottery Tour offers acclaimed ceramic artists' wares for viewing and purchase, along with kiln and studio tours.
The tour has earned national recognition as one of the premier craft events in the Northeast, drawing visitors from across the region and beyond. Hilltown 6 celebrates a diversity of expression of this ancient yet contemporary art, showcasing work from functional mugs to sculptural objects, in an array of varied clays, colors, surfaces, and forms. This year, many guest artists bring fresh variety to the online offerings on view.
Visitors can watch a master potter turn a hunk of clay into a beautiful pot or see inside a massive wood kiln and hear how it is fired during the free pottery demonstrations throughout the weekend. Meet the potters and learn about the varying work styles and practices of this talented group.
New this year: For the first time, longtime Hilltown 6 member Michael McCarthy will be welcoming visitors to his own studio in Goshen. And in response to the overwhelming success of last year's online-only tour, Hilltown 6 members and guest artists will continue to offer their wares online, at the same time that the studios are open to visitors.
Most of the pottery studios are planning to be open to the public, following all CDC and state guidance. Check for up-to-the-minute details, should public health considerations necessitate any changes, as well as a map to help you plan your tour of these unique, tucked-away venues.
Hilltown 6 donates a portion of revenue from the sale to support the distribution of art supplies to local public schools.
Hilltown 6 is a group of nationally recognized potters based in the Hilltowns of Western Massachusetts: Robbie Heidinger, Christy Knox, Maya Machin, Michael McCarthy, Hiroshi Nakayama, Mark Shapiro, Eric Smith, Constance Talbot, and Sam Taylor.
Our 2021 guest artists include: William Baker, NC; Hayne Bayless, CT; Ben Bonsall, MA; Annette Gates, MA; Ellen Grenadier, MA; Arthur Halvorsen, MA; Will Hubbard, NY; Janel Jacobson, MN; Jeffrey Lipton, ME; Mathew Munier, VT; Mary Risley, MA; Romulus Craft, VT; Will Swanson, MN; Tandem Pottery, MA; Joy Tanner, NC; Sumiyo Toribe, MA; and Tom White, MA.

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10 am - 5 pm Sat, Jul 24 - Sun, Jul 25, 2021


Hilltown 6

108 Mount Road, Cummington, MA 01026


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