Urban Tree Symposium

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The 2021 Urban Tree Symposium will be entirely virtual. You will recieve a link to the online platform in your confirmation email after you register.

Tower Hill Botanic Garden's annual Urban Tree Symposium is dedicated to exploring the importance of urban forests and ways we can improve our green spaces. Each symposium brings together experts in the fields of forestry, horticulture, biology, technology and more. You can expect to hear current and important information that will impact your work in our communities and your own home. The Urban Tree Symposium is geared towards professionals but all with a curious mind around plants and green spaces is encouraged to attend. For a full breakdown of this years Urban Tree Symposium check out the information below.

Date: Friday, February 26, 2021

Time: 8AM-5:30PM

Speakers: 5 Speakers will conduct a 45min to an hour long presentation followed by question and discussion time. For a full breakdown on the speakers and their presentations check out the Symposium Webpage. The lineup for 2021 is below including short descriptions.

Lara Roman, PhD-Tree Death in Cities: A Review of Urban Tree Mortality Literature
Urban tree mortality research is on the rise, with dozens of studies published over the past few decades. This presentation will provide an overview of the state of the science on urban tree death.The audience will be introduced to new urban tree monitoring guides from the USDA Forest Service, which will help local urban forestry professionals and community organizations to carry out their own monitoring projects.

Nick Brazee, PhD- Effects of Climate Change on Tree Disease Pathogens in Our Region
Climate change has the potential to significantly alter urban forests by creating more stressful growing conditions. Previous climate change models have predicted an overall increase in both annual precipitation and temperatures in the northeast. But they have also predicted more frequent short-term droughts during the growing season, similar to what was experienced in 2016 and 2020. Learn about how climate change is currently effecting disease pothogens in out region.

Jarlath O' Neil-Dunne - Urban Tree Canopy Assessment Technology
From fighting climate change to addressing longstanding environmental inequities to reducing stormwater runoff, communities are looking to their tree canopy as a green solution to these pressing issues. Drawing from examples in Massachusetts and throughout North America, this presentation will show how the US Forest Service's Urban Tree Canopy Assessments help communities chart a greener future.

Dan Herms, PhD- As Earth Warms, Trees Feel The Heat
Earth is warming steadily with effects that are already very apparent. Trees are experiencing increased stress and mortality in some areas and increased growth in others. The role of the urban forest in mitigating effects of future warming will be discussed, as will considerations for selecting trees for the future climate

Felicia Hubacz - 2020 Review of MA State Forest Health
Join DCR Forest Health Specialist Felicia Hubacz as she discusses the State's major forest health issues in 2020. Learn to identify current and future threats to our forest and how the DCR Forest Health Program monitors and manages for them.

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Feb 26 8:00 am to 5:30 pm Fri, Feb 26, 2021


Tower Hill Botanic Garden

11 French Drive, Boylston, MA 01505


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