On February 16 we will celebrate the 200th anniversary of Susan B. Anthony's birth right here in Adams!
Join us for a reenactment of the presentation of yellow roses by local children Anthony's 80th birthday celebration in 1900, presented via video submissions from children in the museum community;
Unveiling of the museum's new "Organize, Agitate, Educate" Scholarship for college-bound Berkshire County High Schoolers and recognition of the 2020 recipient;
Recognition of Anthony Family Descendants;
Musical performance by Eric and Pat Anthony; and, of course, celebratory cake.
We will honor the sesquicentennial of the Fifteenth Amendment to the US Constitution giving the right to vote to enslaved persons and recognize women of color and working-class women whose work and words were often overshadowed by privileged white suffragists who controlled the narrative.
This will be the Kick-off event for our year-long programming series entitled "In Her Shoes: Understanding Women's Lives Before the 19th Amendment."

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3:30 PM - 5:30 PM Sun, Feb 16, 2020


Adams Free Library

92 Park Street, Adams, MA 01220


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