New England Airgun inc is a Indoor "Airgun Only" shooting range and store for all ages. The Facility is Lead-Free so all ages can participate without the traditional worries of lead-dust and the toxic effect of lead on the body.

The Range consists of six long lanes at 50' so we can accommodate shooting training in multiple disciplines: close range protection with a pistol - Olympic pistol and rifle 10 meter or 3 position - 15 meter rifle/pistol bullseye.

Future expansion is planned to add 10-12 10meter lanes with electronic target scoring

In the store you can rent or purchase Airguns from the most affordable up to Olympic style competition rifles/pistols. standard and custom targets are available up to 17x22 with an on-site large format printer.

We will also be carrying replica rifle and pistols so you can mimic your firearms practice without the noise-expense-kickback of a conventional firearm. Kickback can introduce bad habits - get your muscle memory tuned to good technique before introducing the kickback from higher powered firearms.

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New England Airgun Inc.


188 Central St, Under The Water Tower, Hudson Ma, MA 01749

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