Experience the thrill of a lifetime from 13,500 feet!

Welcome to Jumptown Skydiving Center, the first commercial skydiving center in the United States. Our beautiful facilities are located on the 500 acre Orange Municipal Airport in Orange, MA.

Jumptown caters to both experienced skydivers and first time jumpers. If you're looking to make your first tandem skydive, then Jumptown is the place to do it! We'll take you up to 13,500 feet where you'll experience the exhilaration of freefall followed by a peaceful canopy ride with breath taking views of the North Quabbin Area, the Quabbin Reservoir, beautiful Mt. Monadnock, and the Boston Skyline. Bring your friends and family along to watch your adventure from our state of the art hangar and viewing area. We love sharing our passion for the sport of skydiving with our customers, and your safety is always our number one priority.

Jumptown is open April through November - Thursdays through Sundays and holidays. Ready to experience the thrill of a lifetime? Give us a call at 1-800-890-5867 or check out our website jumptown.com.

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Jumptown Skydiving Center


31c Street, Orange, MA 01364

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