Carpaccio is a medium-sized restaurant that is located two blocks east of the Basketball Hall of Fame, in the Little Italy section of the South-End neighborhood of Springfield.
The decor is based on an open kitchen design, which is the focal point of the establishment. Bar-style seating has been placed at the opening to the kitchen, allowing diners the ability to observe and engage with the chef. Carpaccio offers patrons a "Celebrity Chef" and "Food Network" experience, along with other planned events focused on the kitchen and cuisine. With the redevelopment of the South End neighborhood, and downtown Springfield in general, the fact that no other restaurant in this area has Carpaccio's concepts makes it unique. Carpaccio's menu is primarily creative Italian, with additional menu items influenced by other southern Mediterranean cuisines.
The restaurant offers a 60-person dining room, an elegant 30-person lounge,

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Carpaccio Trattoria


904-912 Main Street, Spingfield, MA 01103

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