Flayvors of Cook Farm

Cook Farm was purchased in 1909 by Joseph Cook. The farm has been handed down and is now being farmed by 3rd and 4th generation with the 5 generation helping out as well. We take great pride in our animals and the care we give them.
Flayvors of Cook Farm opened in 1998. It was a dream of Beth's to open an ice cream and dairy store and it has proven to be extremely important in the farm's viability. Flayvors is a great place for lunch with a special homemade dessert, but it is also a great place for the family. We are located on a dairy farm with calves to pet and cows to watch while sitting at one of our many picnic tables. Come in and see all we have to offer -- it changes like the seasons of New England.

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Flayvors of Cook Farm


129 South Maple St, Hadley, MA 01035

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