Most apples don't fall far from the tree, and the ciders made from them are generally quite similar. We are making a craft hard cider based on a very different philosophy. Far From the Tree respects tradition by controlling the entire production process from apple pressing straight through to bottling. Our cider is made with local apples and exclusively natural ingredients. We live in a place where hard cider has a long history, where apples naturally grow extremely well.

We also barrel age our cider to further improve its quality. Our production process is traditional, but our cider is anything but. We are using barrels and ingredients used by New Englanders in the 1700s. We are creating unique, exciting and uncommon flavor combinations that will expand the perception of what cider can truly be. We will show that cider can be every bit as complex as the most envelope pushing micro-brews and equally as revered as the highest quality wines.

You can find our cider in liquor stores, bars and restaurants in and around Salem starting in May 2014. We plan to open up a taproom by the end of the year.

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Far From The Tree Cider


102 Jackson Street, Salem, MA 01970

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