This area provides a great variety of warm water fish in addition to trout and salmon. Quabbin Reservoir, the principal drinking water supply for 2.2 million Massachusetts residents. Since 1946, shore fishing has been allowed at the reservoir, and since 1952 a limited boat fishing program has been in existence. Please help preserve your fishing privileges and protect Quabbin's resources by following all rules and regulations.
All private boats launched on the reservoir must now have an intact Quabbin Boat Seal that certifies the craft has gone through a DCR approved decontamination process. Seals must be intact when the boats are inspected by Boat Launch Area attendants prior to launching. For a schedule of boat inspections/cleanings, call the Quabbin Visitor Center at (413) 323-7221. This is a
one of the best deals for a days recreation in the state.

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Robert D. Wetmore Fishing Area - Quabbin Gate 31

(413) 323-7221

Regulating Dam Road, New Salem, MA 01355

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