Royal Governor William Shirley's Georgian mansion is the only remaining country house in America built by a British Royal Colonial Governor. This imposing design is attributed to Peter Harrison, America's first architect.
-Built in 1747 with profits and perquisites gained from Shirley's leadership of the Louisbourg Expedition.
-Later, the home of William Eustis, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; site of the 1824 fete for the Marquis de Lafayette; home of Jean-Baptiste du Buc, councilor to King Louis XVI of France
-Winner of the Boston Preservation Alliance award as the best small-scale restoration in the City of Boston (1991)
-Membership is EASY! Just $25 annually will help to support operations, repair and maintenance, special events and educational programming. Call us today at
-Open Thursday through Sunday - June through October, 1-4PM, Admission: $5
Additional parking is available behind the Ralph Waldo Emerson School off of Shirley Street on the left.

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The Shirley-Eustis House


33 Shirley Street, Boston, MA 02119

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