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Founded in 1981 by Mack Lee, the Lee Gallery maintains an inventory of 19th and 20th century vintage photographs with three specific concentrations. Our nineteenth century focus is on American, British, and French photographs, particularly in the first three decades of photography, as well as the American Civil War and the exploration of the American West. A second focus is of the photographers of The Photo-Secession and the circle of Alfred Stieglitz . In addition, we deal in 20th century American masters of photography.

The Lee Gallery joined AIPAD (The Association of International Photography Art Dealers) in 1984 and served on the board of directors for ten years. We exhibit at AIPAD's annual photography fair at The Armory, New York City. We are located in Winchester center, seven miles north of Boston and are open Monday through Friday, 10:00 to 5:30 and by appointment.

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Lee Gallery

9 Mount Vernon St., Winchester, MA 01890

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