Built in the early 18th century on the northern shore of the island, the house was put on a raft and carefully floated down Vineyard Sound during the early 19th century, then brought up the beach to the village of Holmes Hole (now, Vineyard Haven) by a team of oxen. Not uncommon during the time, it is believed that the house was moved so that the new owner could take advantage of the many employment opportunities the area had to offer.

Thought to have been used as a school at one time, the house was originally situated at the very front end of the lot, on the corner of Woodlawn and Main. However, according to records, sometime around 1882 the roof was lifted adding a 2nd story and the house was then moved to the backside of the lot where it stands today.

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1720 House


152 Main St., Vineyard Haven, MA 02568

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