Jim is an Otis native who is bringing his BBQ back to his hometown. Jim owned The Shaker Mill Tavern Family Smoke House in West Stockbridge for about 3 years. Then he brought his BBQ to The Morgan House in Lee and now his smoker has found a permanent home on Otis Ridge, FULL CIRCLE! He started playing with different woods to smoke with when he owned his own tree company for 10 years and was smoking meats as a hobby. The hobby turned into a side business that soon proved to be more to his liking! He did Farmer's Markets and catering, but the BBQ soon took a life of its own - Berkshire County was in need of good, real BBQ! His Texas-style BBQ is smoked with Red Oak and seasoned with his own special dry rub then topped with a light coating of his BBQ sauce. Pizza and Family pack TO-GO dinners are a hit and off-site catering is available. Ribs, Chicken, Beef, Salmon, Portabellas & Tofu are just the beginning of what is offered and he has a great time experimenting to bring something unique to Berkshire County that you can't find anywhere else!

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Grouse House


195 Monterey Rd (rt. 23), Otis, MA 01253

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