On July 23 & 24, nine Hilltown potters will open their studios and kilns to the public for the 16th Annual Hilltown 6 Pottery Tour and Sale. Visitors will meet the potters and their guest artists. The summer tour is a great way to get out into this beautiful part of Western Massachusetts and celebrate its cultural riches. There will be educational demonstrations and hands-on activities: watch a potter turn a lump of clay into a pot, climb inside a giant wood-burning kiln, see how a ceramic artist creates a pot that looks like a stone freshly pulled from the earth. This is the country: gardens and woodsheds; the potters offer a neighborly welcome. You'd never dream how distinguished they are -- until you see the pots.

The tour has earned national recognition. Easily accessible from New York, Boston, Hartford, Albany, and the Berkshires, the tour draws visitors from across the region and beyond. Visitors are always delighted by the range of ceramic expression, from favorite mugs to sculpture.

The tour is free and open to all, from 10 to 5 both days. Visit www.hilltown6.com to download a map, your guide to a weekend of inspiration.

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