At Constitution Yacht Charters, we work for you, not the boat company. With more than 40 charter boats to choose from, selecting the right vessel for your private event can be a difficult task. Our Boston Harbor Charter Brokers are specialists who make it easy for you to charter a vessel of any description. Whether you are planning a sunset cruise, an afternoon adventure, corporate event, bachelorette, wedding, even a fishing trip, or an extended cruise here in Boston, we can assist you!

We'll help you find the right boat at the right price. Constitution Yacht Charters works for you, not the boat companies. With over 50 years of experience on Boston Harbor, we can help you pick the charter boat that's right for you - at the best available price. So, take a look and contact us today. We will save you time and money - and help you create a memory of a lifetime. We are always adding more vessels. Please contact us for more information.

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