We offer you delicious Swedish candy with natural fruit juices and high-quality spices. Unique flavors and free from GMO, trans fats, and added HFCS. The candy contains better natural ingredients and superior taste. Vegan, Gelatin free, Gluten free Candy. Locally made chocolates, fudge, Taffy, Soda, popsicles, popcorn.

Our core product is the Make My mix. We mix/ customize your candy bag or cup of your choice. Customers choose their favorite candy from the candy bar. A unique experience and a family fun activity.

What's the thing with the Swedish Fish? The most known fish in U.S. must be GUMMY HERRING FISH (Swedish Fish) - Berry flavored gummy candy that is fat free, gluten free, and gelatin free. The "Real" berry flavored fish are a product of Sweden.

Open daily 12pm-8pm.

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Nantasket Sweets by Swedes


165 Nantasket Avenue, Hull, MA 02045

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