"Books You Don't Need in a Place You Can't Find"
The Montague Bookmill is a used bookstore housed in an 1842 gristmill, set on the banks of the Sawmill River. Our collection leans toward the academic, but we have thousands of books, on just about everything from Austen and anarchy to Zola and zoology. Books are generally half-price, including recent publisher's overstocks.

The Montague Mill is also home to Sawmill River Arts Gallery and Turn It Up(!) Music. There is great food and drink all day and deep into the night at the Lady Killigrew Café and on the deck of the astonishing Alvah Stone Restaurant, voted Best Creative American Restaurant in the Valley, 2019.

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Montague Bookmill

(413) 367-9206

440 Greenfield Road, Montague, MA 01351

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