As part of the 2015 Seaport Art Walk "New Bedford Works," artists were encouraged for unique interpretation of and connection with the past, present and future of New Bedford. Artist/sculpture Donna Dodson, submitted for exhibition her sculpture Moby Dick, in honor of the whaling history of this city. "In the 19th Century New Bedford gained worldwide reputation as the greatest whaling port and the richest city per capita in the world. Portuguese and Cape Verdean immigrants formed the backbone of the whaling industry, on the wharves and on the high seas. Herman Melville shipped out aboard the whale ship, Acushnet, in 1841. His experiences inspired him to write "Moby-Dick"."
Donna states, "In celebration of Herman Melville's novel, Moby Dick, I wanted to create a sculpture of the novel's hero. Melville was a brilliant writer. He created the Captain of the ship who sought revenge on the whale who had harmed him, not from malice, but from some animal instinct. I created an anthropomorphic sculpture in celebration of Melville's humanistic whale."
The sculpture is located along MacArthur Drive near the Cuttyhunk Ferry Pier and is on long term loan from the artist.

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Moby Dick Statue


Macarthur Drive, New Bedford, MA 02740

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