Come to Boundless Adventures, an aerial adventure park for outdoor fun-seekers ages seven through adult. Challenge (and surprise) yourself with feats of strength, stamina, agility and bravery as you maneuver through nature in a range of obstacle courses that offer exhilarating, self-esteem building activities for kids and adults alike.

We are Massachusetts' new family-friendly adventure park for thrill-seekers, adventurers, tree-climbers, zip-liners and outdoor enthusiasts.

Boundless Adventures is a spectacular adventure park with a range of obstacle courses set on five acres of breathtaking hardwood forests in the Riverbridge mixed-use village, located in Berlin, Massachusetts. Against this scenic backdrop, adventurers come to climb, swing, balance, jump and zip through the forest on our thrilling treetop obstacle courses.

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Boundless Adventures

1-833-InA-Tree (462-8733)

154 River Road West, Berlin, MA 01503

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