We have two primary stills, both handmade by our friend Jesse Lupo up in St. Albans, Maine (Trident Welding). The larger (production) still is a 200 gallon version with a custom made copper bell. The smaller still is a 10 gallon scaled version of the larger, which allows us to do pre-production experimental batches at smaller volumes which can more easily be scaled to the larger still. Naturally these stills are named "Dr. Evil" and "Mini Me"... We also have several smaller glass stills that are used in both experimentation and proofing of our products.

We're experimenting with new ideas all the time, our recent experiments have led us to a family of flavored vodkas, as well as our cranberry gin. Ongoing experiments are taking us in a unique direction, making whiskeys with the help of some of our close friends.

We have regular/retail hours for tours/tastings:
Saturdays from 12-6pm
Sundays from 12-4pm

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Dirty Water Distillery

(508) 927-3260

10 Water St., Plymouth, MA 02360

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