Magika is the vision of Lori Bruno, a Sicilian Strega and priestess of the Old Craft of the Wise. She has been featured on WCVB's "Chronicle," George Noory's "Coast-To-Coast AM" syndicated radio show, and many podcasts, cable, and streaming programs.

The name, Magika, combines the word "magi," meaning the wise men and women of old, with "ka," the ancient Egyptian word for soul. In the time-honored spirit of the Craft, we're dedicated to serving humanity with Wisdom, Integrity, Truth, Courage, and Honor ("WITCH").

Magika is a place of peace. If you need advice, please book a reading and sit with Lori or one of our other psychics to discuss your future. Our expert readers all have deep experience helping their clients with a range of personal matters.

We are in Salem's historic McIntire District, surrounded by the wonderful architecture of Salem from the 1700s and 1800s. We invite you to visit us today in person or through our web site.

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Magika - Chapel of Archangel Michael


107 Federal St., Historic Mcintire District, Salem, MA 01970

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