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Maple Weekend is almost here and we couldn’t be more excited! What better way to spend a March weekend than to get outside, explore a nearby farm, and stock up on some of the finest maple products Massachusetts has to offer?

March is Maple Month here in Massachusetts, marking the start of the annual sugaring season. This weekend, March 16 and 17, is Maple Weekend – a celebration of all of the great local sugar shacks and farms that produce maple products throughout the state as they put to market the first batches of products that feature the maple they have been harvesting since the beginning of this year’s maple season. In addition to selling delicious maple goodies, many farms throughout Massachusetts offer tours, workshops, and other family-friendly activities for visitors interested in learning more about how maple syrup is made especially for Maple Month.

Shelves are stocked with maple products, including syrup.

This year, special Maple Weekend activities include special tours, tastings, demonstrations, buffets, and more! Over 30 sugar shacks in Central and Western Massachusetts are participating. Explore a list of Maple Farms participating in Maple Weekend on the Mass Maple site. Many farms run events all month, into the beginning of April. Farms with special events include:

According to the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources, Massachusetts is home to more than 300 maple producers that make over 70,000 gallons of maple syrup per year, making the state one of the top maple producing states in the country. Massachusetts maple producers employ over a thousand people and contribute over $15 million to local economies. Profits during Maple month can sustain many farms throughout the year.

Learn more about Massachusetts sugar shacks and maple products, and get some special maple recipes at

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Businesses Highlighted in this Post