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Here are a handful of lookouts, towers, and other locations where you can get a good look at some pretty fall foliage.


The Hairpin Turn


This iconic stop along the Mohawk Trail might be the best view in Massachusetts. Be careful though! This is an active road, and there isn’t much parking around the curve. The best way to secure yourself a spot might be to get a reservation at the Golden Eagle restaurant at the tip of the turn.


Pelham Lookout


This is one of the most-visited spots within the Quabbin Reservoir – and for good reason. You can see this view pulling over on Route 202.


Olivia’s Overlook

West Stockbridge

Olivia’s Overlook is the perfect lookout point for both hiking enthusiasts and amateurs, since it provides easy access a variety of different trails, and it sits at both the beginning and end of a moderately challenging loop. So if you’d like, you can skip the hike and go straight to the lookout point, or you can save the view for until you complete a trail.


Raycroft Lookout


After a relatively easy half-mile hike into the Monroe State Forest, you’ll find this stone platform overlooking the towns of Monroe and Florida, the Deerfield River, and the Massachusetts-Vermont border.


Poet’s Seat Tower


The highest point in Greenfield has been unofficially called a “poet’s seat” since the 1800s due to its iconic vista, but the eponymous sandstone tower has only been there since 1912. Multiple levels inside the tower and the benches that surround it make this an idyllic spot to look out over the town below.


South Sugarloaf Mountain Observation Tower


The Southern Summit of Sugarloaf Mountain offers stunning views of the Connecticut River, where a multilevel viewing platform grants onlookers amazing views of Pioneer Valley below. You can hike up to the tower, or if hiking isn’t your thing, you can drive up and park near it too.

A stone tower stands tall against a clear blue sky in Lynn, Massachusetts.

Stone Tower, Lynn

The Stone Tower


The highest point in Lynn is a great place to see not only the autumnal hues of the Lynn Woods and Lynn’s spectacular waterfront, but also a unique view of the Boston skyline.


Great Blue Hill Observation Tower


You’ll find this 35-foot tower near the summit of – you guessed it – Great Blue Hill. Known locally as Eliot Tower, from here you’ll be able to spot Boston, the Boston Harbor, and a lot of the South Shore.


A stone tower stands tall against a clear blue sky in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Pilgrim Monument, Provincetown

Pilgrim Monument


Autumn is the perfect time to head down to the Cape – you still have the perfect Cape weather, scenic views, and relaxing vibe, but without the summer crowds. And the Pilgrim Monument is one of Provincetown’s top outdoor attractions. The grounds are open to the public, but you’ll need to make a reservation if you’d like to head up to the top.


Lookout Rock


This spot off Quaker Highway earns its name. From here you can see along the snaking Blackstone River, journey along one of the many trails nearby, and stop by River Bend Farm. You can even bring your dog on the trail – as long as they are on a leash.


Norumbega Tower


You’ll find the Norumbega Tower where the Charles River meets Stony Brook, near Brandeis University. It was believed to mark a spot where ancient Vikings might have settled, but there is no evidence that suggests this actually happened.

The Veterans War Memorial Tower stands tall on top of Mount Greylock in Adams, Massachusetts

Veterans War Memorial Tower, Adams

Veterans War Memorial Tower


Atop Mount Greylock you’ll find one of the most iconic views in the whole state. Which makes sense, as it is the highest point you’ll find in Massachusetts. The Veterans War Memorial Tower can be reached by hiking up the Mountain or by car through mid-October – roads close during the winter season. From the top you can see up to 90 miles away.

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