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Posted by Max Grinnell, guest blogger of The Urbanologist

To walk across the Fort Point Channel and into the Seaport these days, you’ll experience a flurry of activity as cranes dot the horizon and people wander around enjoying a myriad of attractions. True enough, there are many days’ worth of things to do in the area, so let’s offer a few humble suggestions to get you started.

A Walk Around the Harbor

Designed to provide visitors and locals access to the water throughout Boston and beyond, the Harborwalk winds its way through the Seaport, skirting by Fan Pier Park, the Institute of Contemporary Art, and the Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center. It’s a peaceful way to get acquainted with the Boston Harbor and spending time at Fan Pier Park is a great way to watch the cadence of the sailboats, ferries, and water taxis ply their trade back and forth as the sun sets.

A Summer Trip to the Seaport | MassVacation.comHarborwalk

Children’s Wharf

As you stroll along the Harborwalk, you’ll eventually come to the Children’s Wharf, which is the front door to institutions such as the Boston’s Children Museum and the 40-foot high Hood Milk Bottle; a crowd-pleaser, even for those folks who might be lactose intolerant. Along with taking in the exhibits inside the museum, visitors might also bring a picnic to sit outside and people-watch or just gaze out across the field of blue that is the Fort Point Channel.

A Summer Trip to the Seaport | MassVacation.comChildren’s Wharf

Lawn on D

Designed as a rather different type of green space, the Lawn on D is a 2.7 acre outdoor space that on any given day might feature a live DJ, an impromptu dance party, or cardio boxing workouts. It’s an inventive and creative space and one that also includes public art exhibitions, bocce courts, ping-pong tables and free wifi. You can learn more about their ongoing programs and events here and after one visit, you’ll definitely be enticed to return in the future.

A Summer Trip to the Seaport | MassVacation.comLawn on D

An Evening Meal, or Perhaps Brunch

Amidst the many restaurants that have sprouted up around the Seaport over the past few years, Committee is one of the stand-out places to spend an hour or four eating, drinking, and watching beautiful people walk across a rather lovely backdrop.
The fare here is Mediterranean-forward and the cold and warm meze offerings are a fine place to start. My personal recommendations include the carrot tzatziki, almond skordalia, grilled haloumi, and the artichoke moussaka.

A Summer Trip to the Seaport | MassVacation.comDining Space, Committee, Photo credit: Committee

On the drink side of things, they have a troika of fine ouzos (as any Greek restaurant might), along with flights of anisettes, and several signature cocktails of note, including their blood orange old fashioned and the Jungle Pilot, which brings together rum, Campari, pineapple-mango juice and cinnamon.

For folks who like to brunch, they’ve recently added this wholesome weekend pursuit to their repertoire. Standout menu items here include shakshouka, which is eggs baked in a pan of spiced tomato sauce, peppers, onions with feta and baked pita to mop up all of this goodness.

It’s the perfect place to end your exploration of the Seaport. No doubt you will return, as the area has a wide range of other attractions and places to stop in for food and conversation.

A Summer Trip to the Seaport | MassVacation.comCarrot tzatziki, Committee, Photo credit: Committee

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