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Posted by Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism

The reimagined 2020 ArtWeek Festival will celebrate the creative Commonwealth from
May 1-10
#ArtWeekAtHome is the re imagined format replacing the original ArtWeek that would have featured almost 800 creative events in over 170 communities across the state, including many free events for families, children, residents, and visitors. On May 1st, originally slated for the canceled ArtWeek 2020 festival kick-off day, ArtWeek event hosts and partners will post links on social media to their online content including tours, concerts, at-home activities, or other creative programs while tagging #ArtWeekAtHome and @ArtWeekMA. As part of the kick-off, a ten-day ArtWeek Bingo game will also launch to keep creative juices flowing throughout the week with daily artistic prompts and themed challenges celebrating different genres. The week-long schedule includes nods to music, museums, dance, crafts, theater, literature, the outdoors/public art, film, history, and the culinary arts.

(Graphic courtesy of ArtWeekMA)

Presented by Highland Street Foundation and produced by the Boch Center, ArtWeek is an annual award-winning innovative festival. Due to the global COVID 19 pandemic, the 2020 festival as originally conceived was cancelled and #ArtWeekAtHome was launched as a reimagined format. The original ArtWeek 2020 was going to feature almost 800 unique and creative experiences, including many artwalks, open studios, and town-wide celebrations that were hands-on, interactive or offer behind-the-scenes access to artists or the creative process. ArtWeek was born in Boston in 2013, expanded statewide in 2018, and by 2020 had exploded to over 170 towns and neighborhoods across Massachusetts as the signature nonprofit community program of the Boch Center. To find out more go to or @ArtWeekMA

(Graphic courtesy of ArtWeekMA)

To be a part of #ArtWeekAtHome, please post on your social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) describing your virtual offerings/how people can participate and tag @ArtWeekMA and #ArtWeekAtHome. For those hosting events via Facebook, you are also welcome to invite @ArtWeekMA to Co-Host your Facebook event (they will accept!)

(Graphic courtesy of ArtWeekMA)

As a reminder, #ArtWeekAtHome is NOT a formal online-calendar or listing as they had intended for ArtWeek 2020. If you had an event created for ArtWeek2020, they will not be listing that or publishing that calendar. However, they do hope to generate some blogs on their website. So in addition to posting about your offering on May 1st with hashtags #ArtWeekAtHome or @ArtWeekMA on your social media channels, if you’d like to be considered for their blog entries, please tell them about what you’re up to by TUESDAY, APRIL 28 via
They cannot guarantee that you will be added to the blog post by providing information there – but they will do their best!

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