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Massachusetts has been expanding its horizons when it comes to cultural foods. There has been a recent rise in trendy Korean cuisine. Majority of the restaurants are located in the Greater Boston area, but it is gradually making its way out west. More Korean restaurants are opening up and giving customers an opportunity to indulge in some traditional classics.
While eating, do you ever just sit and think to yourself “wow this meal tastes incredible”? Are you curious about how Koreans make their dishes so flavorful? Some restaurants provide customers a unique hands-on experience by allowing them to grill foods of their choice; other times they will cook for you.

  • Koreana, Cambridge

Do you love BBQ? Well you’re in luck. Koreana, a traditional Korean restaurant, provides all customers an interactive experience of a lifetime.

  • Seoul Soulongtang, Allston

Seoul Soulongtang is well-known for their Korean traditional Beef Soup. This restaurant offers combination meal where customers can get a small-sized soup and their own selection of a small meat dish. Every combination comes with a bowl of rice. Furthermore, they offer traditional beer and wine selections.

  • WooRi Korean Fusion Grill Restaurant, Arlington Center

WooRi is one of the top ranked Korean Cuisines in the Greater Boston Area. WooRi offers tasty Korean classics ranging from hot to cold, and sweet to spicy. Their Bibimbab is to die for. Bibimbab is a hot clay pot dish that serves rice and vegetables with the options of beef, pork, chicken, tofu, or seafoods. WooRi has something for all taste buds, and accommodates vegan and vegetarians.
Markets & Grocery Stores
If you are searching for ingredients to cook some Korean dishes at home with your friends and families, make sure to visit HMART! HMART offers product ranging from fresh produce, vegetables, fruits, snacks and household products. There are two locations; one in Cambridge (581 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA, 02139) and the other in Burlington (3 Old Concord Road, Burlington, MA, 01803).

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Whether you are planning to do shabu, barbeque or other traditional dishes, you will be able find all the ingredients at HMART. While shopping, make sure to sample the food at the stations scattered around the store (exclusively on the weekends). Furthermore, a food court is located inside the grocery store with delicious food ranging from Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai and many more. Small bites is also provided in the bakery shop with varieties of authentic baked goods. Apart from this, HMART in Burlington, MA contains a small store called Magic Castle which features Asian products/toys for all ages. A category that has not been forgotten about is beauty essentials such as make-up, skincare, hair products, etc., which can all be found inside.
Determined to find more Korean Cuisine around Massachusetts? Here are some resources to check out.

  • Kaju Tofu House, Boston
  • Kimchi Kitchen, Cambridge
  • Seoul Topokki, Allston

More options for Korean food
Enjoys the flavorful Korean dishes!

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