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The culinary culture in Massachusetts is incredible, so we’re taking a moment to highlight a few cuisine wizards putting the Commonwealth on the foodie map in this “MA Food Entrepreneurs” mini series. First up, Lyndigo Spice!
Tell us a little about yourself
I’m Celeste Croxton-Tate, CEO and creator of Lyndigo Spice®. My love for cooking started when I was eleven years old.  Instead of watching Saturday morning cartoons, I watched cooking shows on WGBH TV. I was born and raised in Roxbury, MA in a community with a melting pot of different cultures. I had a lot of friends from the West Indies and always loved the amazing smells coming from their kitchens. While I attended Boston Latin School (class of ’88), I had friends from many cultures and was introduced to Caribbean, Asian, Cape Verdean, Latin, Italian, Irish and Greek cuisine.
I have been cooking for years for my family and friends who told me I should start a catering business. In May of 2006 I took the plunge and established Lyndigo Catering.

thumbnail_Lyndigo Spice picCeleste Croxton-Tate, CEO and creator of Lyndigo Spice®

My love for ethnic food especially Caribbean and Indian is the inspiration behind my line of artisanal products. I began making the Pineapple Chutney to cool down the heat of my Jamaican Jerk Chicken that I would make for my clients and their guests. Not everyone can handle jerk! They would always ask me if they could purchase the chutney in stores. My response was always “not yet”. At every event most people would be leaving with Pineapple Chutney on a small plate to enjoy later. Now several years and many recipes later I have created a line of chutneys, relishes, fruit spreads and spice blends for you to enjoy!
What inspired you to start Lyndigo Spice®?
My love for cooking and the demand from my catering clients of my Pineapple Chutney to be available in stores.
What makes Lyndigo Spice® special?
It’s special because I offer flavor combinations that make folks want to try them. People love that my line is low in sugar and sodium, vegan, gluten free, fat free, locally made in small batches and “full of flavor with a spicy attitude”.

Lyndigo Spice® Spiced Up Chili

Your favorite farmers’ market and why?
Ashland and Hingham Farmers’ markets because I sell out every time I go. The patrons are awesome and they love supporting small business.
Your favorite local restaurants
I had my wedding reception/luncheon at Henrietta’s Table on August 25th, 2015. The food was amazing and all locally sourced. I love Highland Kitchen. It’s a nice neighborhood spot with great food.

Lyndigo Spice® Pineapple Chutney

What you love about the MA food economy?
I love that people are caring more about where their food is coming from and show great interest in who is making it.
Where people can find Lyndigo Spice®?
My whole line of products are available at, and the retail shops and farmers’ markets listed here.