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Posted by Lysa Miller, guest blogger of Ladybugz Interactive Agency

There’s nothing quite like homemade ice cream on a hot day. Those unbelievably rich flavors and cool refreshing texture is irresistible. So why not indulge at the best?
Here are five homemade ice cream favorites in Central Massachusetts:

New City Microcreamery – Hudson, MA

When New City Microcreamery was founded in 2015, they were excited to push the boundaries of dessert. With its creamy texture and flavors to match your wildest dreams, this homemade ice cream is exactly the treat you’re looking for on a hot day.

Photo credit: New City Microcreamery

Their organic milk comes from the family owned Mapleline Farms once or twice a week. After the ice cream base has steeped in its flavor for 24 hours, they use liquid nitrogen to instantly freeze it. This flash freeze makes for fewer ice crystals, creating a light and smooth texture, while preserving an enhanced flavor. You can also watch the entire process in the open Ice Cream Kitchen!
And if ice cream is not all you’re in mood for— try their locally sourced coffee, whether it be cold brew or lattes. Enjoy the rich flavors off their tea menu or treat yourself to a fresh pastry and free wifi!

Rota Spring Farm – Sterling, MA

Ever heard of lavender ice cream? No? Then maybe you should take a trip Rota Spring Farm. With exotic “Flavors of the Month” like their recent lavender ice cream, Rota Spring Farms is the perfect place to try ice cream flavors you’ve never heard of as well as the ones you know and love.

Photo credit: Rota Spring Farm

Their ice cream is made with the freshest milk and cream and fine ingredients, making your ice cream experience flawless. Their homemade ice cream and petting zoo is the perfect relaxing New England escape you need. Hang out at the picnic tables with your new favorite flavor and watch your kids feed the goats!
Make sure to check out their Farm Store with delicious seasonal fruits and veggies, homemade bread, grass fed beef, and savory jams.

Kimball Farms – Lancaster, MA

Where to start? Perhaps with fifty different ice cream flavors? Kimball Farms has it all— from Cappuccino Crunch to Vanilla Peanut Butter cup there’s no way you won’t find your perfect flavor! They have an ever-changing assortment of sugar free flavors, sherbet, and yogurt each week as well as their savory feature flavors like Irish Coffee. Kimball Farm’s rich and creamy homemade ice cream is their claim to fame, so there’s no going wrong.

Photo credit: Kimball Farms

But why just stop for the ice cream? Enjoy some of Kimball Farm’s grilled food or take a stab at mini golf. Take a pony ride or check out their Soaring Eagle Zipline. There’s even a driving range if you want to take your golf game to the next level!

Cherry Hill Ice Cream – Lunenburg MA

Banana. Cherry Moose Tracks. Maple Walnut. Orange Pineapple. Peanut Butter Fudge. For Generations, Cherry Hill Ice Cream has prided themselves in their wide range of homemade ice cream flavors. With their growing list of dynamic flavors, Cherry Hill Ice Cream pushes creativity beyond your wildest imagination.

Photo credit: Cherry Hill Ice Cream

You’ve got the classics; chocolate, coffee, strawberry, and you’ve got the flavors you never thought to dream of; white thunder, rum raisin, coconut-almond bar. Don’t miss out on their cones, cups, sundaes, and frappes!

Erikson’s Ice Cream Stand – Maynard, MA

Who doesn’t love the idea of old fashioned homemade ice cream at an old fashioned ice-cream stand? Well, how about indulging in a rich flavor like Apple Strudel only to learn that this recipe was crafted in the 1930s? This ice cream stand has a history that spans generations, reaching all the way to the beginning of the 1900s where it started as Erikson’s Ice Cream. In the 1930s the ice cream stand was added and it has satisfied ice-cream lovers’ cravings throughout history—including World War II, the Fab Fifties, the disco era, and today.

Photo credit: Erikson’s Ice Cream

This classic stand continues to serve the flavors that have made them so successful throughout the years, allowing you to indulge in flavors created before you were born. And if old-school isn’t your thing, don’t worry; they are constantly creating new additions for their roster of flavors, like Coffee Raspberry Truffle and seasonal flavors that change year round!