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Posted by Hillary Rogers, guest blogger of North of Boston CVB

In 1637, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts proclaimed that no person should be in a tavern “longer than necessary occasions.” There was no clarity on length or what “necessary occasions” were, and the region has since gone through various bans and prohibitions.
Sips, Suds, and Spirits | MassVacation.comSome bans were self-imposed. Rockport, for instance, was a ‘dry’ town until the year 2005. The fishing village was suddenly disrupted when a group of hatchet-wielding women, led by local spinster Hannah Jumper, took it upon themselves to rid the town of its demon rum. On July 8, 1856, the hatchet gang destroyed every bottle, jug, keg, and cask they could find, to the upset of local tavern and restaurant owners.
Sips, Suds, and Spirits | MassVacation.comToday, local breweries, cider houses, distilleries, meaderies, and wineries North of Boston are resurrecting and reinventing old recipes into new ones, making their mark in the world of craft-style drinks. These businesses will be happy to share ideas to pair with your meal! Visit the North of Boston website to learn more about local tours and tastings.
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