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Posted by PR Lab, guest blogger of Boston University

Did you know basketball and volleyball were both invented in Massachusetts, the official state dessert is the Boston cream pie, and it is illegal to make clam chowder with tomatoes within state borders? These are just some of the many things that make Massachusetts unique. Below is the list of reasons MA is a top travel destination, different than anywhere else in the world.
The Food

 A lobster from Legal Seafoods.. Photo source: MOTT Flickr

We could not begin this post without mentioning the food! New England is recognized worldwide for its seafood-based cuisine, more specifically lobster. You can find authentic seafood restaurants all over the state, but some of the best and are located in the Seaport District where you can find all the seafood you can handle.
The Culture

Chinatown Gate. Photo source: MOTT Flickr

If you have traveled abroad or in other states in the U.S., you may have experienced the many different cultures that can exist within a country. In our opinion, Massachusetts is home to some of the “coolest” residents in the country. The winters might be very cold, but the people are exactly the opposite. They are friendly, fun, and proud of the state’s history. They are also diverse, as Massachusetts is a state that brings many cultures together. The vast array of universities, hospitals, and other attractions bring visitors from all over the world. Many end up loving the place so much that they stay! This diversity is found in Chinatown, the North End, and the Indian, Greek, Arabic, and French restaurants all over the state. So wherever you are from, you will definitely find your fit here.
The sights

Sunset over Provincetown, MA. Photo Source: MOTT Flickr

No matter what you’re looking to do, Massachusetts has a wide range of destinations. The Charles River and Esplanade, Boston Common, Cape Cod, Berkshires, Martha’s Vineyard, and variety of mountains, offer a vast array of scenery and activities. Few states are as full of beautiful and unique sights, small towns, and resorts as Massachusetts. No matter the season, there are so many places to visit, and you never get enough of it. The summer is a perfect time to visit the coastal beaches, the fall foliage around the state is not to be missed, the winter months bring many skiing options, and the spring brings the start of Red Sox season and the Boston Marathon.
Salem witches
salem witch museum

Photo source: MOTT Flickr

Salem is famous for its witch trials in 1692. During that time, many residents of Salem were hung because they were supposedly practicing witchcraft. Today, you can visit Salem to see the famous Witch House and museum to learn more about the town’s unique past.
Singing Beach in Manchester
singing beach

Singing Beach, Manchester. Photo source: MOTT Flickr

At this beach in Manchester you can hear the sand signing! A melodic sound comes from the friction between grains of sand. What better place to swim, tan, or read a book than by the sound of the singing sand and waves?
The Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon. Photo source: MOTT Flickr

Last but not least, Massachusetts is known for the world famous Boston Marathon.  Whether you choose to run the 26.2 miles yourself, or cheer the runners on from the sidelines, this event truly captures the Massachusetts spirit! For more information about the Boston Marathon, look out for our post next Friday, which will be dedicated to the event.