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Posted by Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism

Faneuil Hall. Plymouth Rock. Old Sturbridge Village.
Massachusetts has some of the country’s most recognizable sites and attractions, more than enough to fill a summer of travel.
Along with the above three, which are always worth a trip, here are 5 more iconic attractions that are best experienced during the summer months in Massachusetts.
The Charles River Esplanade in Boston, MA
Walking the Esplanade on a sunny summer day is one of Boston’s great simple pleasures. This three-mile green space along the Charles River stretches from the Museum of Science to the BU Bridge, and is an ideal spot for biking, walking, reading, relaxing and the occasional whiffle ball game.
Boston festival

Dragon Boat Festival along the Esplanade by Richard Pasley

Plus, you can enjoy free summer concerts and various other events at the Hatch Memorial Shell concert stage. To learn more about the Esplanade, click here, and to stay just a few steps away, try the Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro.
Pilgrim Hall Museum in Plymouth, MA
The sturdy Pilgrims arrived on these shores in 1620 and helped to chart the course of the nation. The Pilgrim Hall Museum keeps that history alive and well. Guests can view 17th-century artifacts such as William Bradford’s Bible, Myles Standish’s sword, and a real piece of Plymouth Rock.
Pilgrim Museum

Tulips outside Pilgrim Hall Museum

Pilgrim Hall Museum is right by the water, so visitors can treat themselves to a scenic view of Plymouth Bay. Brewster Gardens, a lovely local outdoor spot, is within easy walking distance. For overnights, John Carver Inn and Spa is right down the road.
Marconi Beach in Wellfleet, MA
Consistently rated as one of the most family-friendly beaches on Cape Cod, Marconi Beach is part of the National Seashore. Its moderate surf isn’t overwhelming for kids and is still entertaining for older beachgoers. Its soft, light sand is ideally suited to walking along the shoreline or stretching out and taking in the sun.
Marconi Beach

A full house at Marconi Beach by William De-Sousa Mauk

Marconi Beach is located off of Route 6 in Wellfleet. Restrooms and showers are available in-season, and to sleep over, Southfleet Motor Inn is located at the mouth of Marconi Beach Road.
Six Flags New England in Agawam, MA
New England’s largest amusement park is in Agawam, just across the Deerfield River from Springfield. Six Flags New England dates back to 1870, when it was named Riverside Park. Of course, back then, it didn’t have Hurricane Harbor, Bizarro or Cannonball Falls.
Six Flags Bizarro

On the Bizarro “little” hill at Six Flags New England

Six Flags is famous for its thrill rides, but there is plenty for the less intrepid, too. Family rides, kid’s rides, live shows and shopping are just a few more of the choices. Diverse food outlets are right on the grounds, and the Comfort Inn & Suites is in nearby West Springfield.
Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston, MA
There’s a world of botany nestled in central Massachusetts. Tower Hill Botanic Garden spans 132 acres of floral beauty, featuring a panoramic view of Mount Wachusett and the surrounding reservoir, all within 10 miles of Worcester.
Tower Hill Botanic Garden

Plenty of nice places for a walk inside Tower Hill

The Lawn Garden, home to 350+ varieties of trees and shrubs, is one section of note. Bright, fragrant perennials make the Secret Garden a treat and Wildlife Garden is where guest can see birds, butterflies and bats in their element. After stretching your legs, Twigs Café can fill you up on-site and Classic Suites and Inns can tuck you in.
And there’s much more to summer in our fair Commonwealth. For more activity inspiration, just click here.
What’s one iconic site that you’ve visited in Massachusetts? Let us know below in the comments!